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Do you remember the time...

Goddammit Kathryn!!! And goddam you, Samwell, with it in your butt.

I'm making this public because there are a lot of memories in this entry that may inspire others to go on a nostalgic spree.

So watching that movie ( made me utterly nostalgic. SO much, that I can't sleep. It reminded me of those younger years, and things were so chaotic but so tame, so much drama, but such a great production. I really miss the days when we all got together at someone's house and watched a movie or talked or grilled terrible hamburgers or watched the World Cup... when the only thing you had to worry about was getting a ride home from someone's parents and the relationship drama that was so important but now I know was so silly.

I really miss hanging out after school with all the people who did extra-curriculars, when you waited for someone's mom to drive us all home. Or the days when I tried to sneak into the senior-only parking lot and get out for lunch with Margaret but getting scared and eating our bag lunches in her car in the parking lot. The high school before the construction. Home Ec. The computer class back in 7th grade. Mrs. Pitelli and the little thing of deoderant in 5th grade. The mail program at Lake Ave. School soccer with Chilton and Leninger. The great trip to the abandoned insane asylum. Brownie. Prom and the pre/post parties. Going skiing with the boys. Baking with the girls. Tramping to school from Joseph street in all weather; wet, snowy, and dry. Working Wednesday nights at Temple, along with Sundays. Getting lunch on our own for the first time when we became Judaica aides. Ben and Jerry's ice cream, anytime. First Night. Uncommon Grounds. Borders. Singing in my first acapella group on Broadway. Gardener Lane. The stars in Greenfield. Working at the soup kitchen. Spring Street Deli. Scrabble during lunch between Creative Writing blocks. Middle School dances. Sneaking into SPAC. Yaddo. Playing in Chamber Orchestra with the best bass section in the land. ESYO every Tuesday night, long car rides with Susu. 7 Minutes In Heaven at Deborah's house. The secret Nook of Love in Casey's basement. The God Bus. Halloween, and the Halloween party at the Sterlings. The peepers in the middle of the night, and our midnight trek across the sprinklered golf course. Both Florida trips. Williamsburg. Halo nights. Halo between rooms in Florida. D&D. Potato launchers, Stockholm and Toxic Shock. Casey's campsite. Rosh Hashannah services. Casey's mom offering us food on Yom Kippur. Chatrooms. NYSSMA. Homeroom. SATs. Locker buddies at Maple Ave. Design and Draw class with Leighton. Mr. and Mrs. V. JSCLC. The Halloween party at my house. Graduation. Watching the seniors graduate when we were juniors. Watching the seniors graduation when we were sophomores. Braces. PIG. Mock Trial. Learning to drive. Learning to drive stick-shift with Margaret. Juapalooza. Working at Gavin Park. The Ballston Spa soccer team. Shitholes. Girls from Suburbia. Cory Clifton coming from Canadia. Tetris lunch tables. Playing with chalk. Playing with clay after elementary school. Melodies of Christmas. The Prism concert. Ben Davis. Talent show. The hallway above the main doors before first block English class. AP classes and tests. The Paris trip. The Outer Zone. Friendly's. Congress Park. Snow days. Faux Spirit Week. Piano recitals. 2nd grade with Mrs. Tait. Elementary school cafeteria. Two square. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Rec soccer. Playing "I would never". The trampoline at Casey's house. Raking leaves. Star Wars Episode III. The Wilton Mall. Hanging out. Being freinds. Having the largest and tightest social circle. Being the smart, artsy, theater, music kids. Owning Saratoga High. Never afraid to hug or hold hands. Having everyone's phone number. Knowing the parents of your friends. Walking into a friends house uninvited and eating food out of the Fein refrigerator. Knowing someone will always be after school with you. Knowing that people are coming to your concert or performance. Knowing that the group of people in the left section of the audience are your friends who came to see you and your friends on stage. Knowing the names of all the teachers. Knowing the fastest route to everyone's house from anyone's house. Not being afraid to cry at the movies. Watching chick flicks because it's fun. Baking because there's nothing else to do. Enjoying that there's nothing else to do. Lying on each other's bed. Everyone knowing that we'll be friends forever.

We all have amazing lives. What will you remember tomorrow? Is what was yesterday gone forever? Have you let what's dear slip away? Guys, don't let us drift apart.
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